Kathryn Budig x Strala Home – Pop Up Collab!

We’re excited to share that for the next 60 days (May 1st – June 30th) as a Strala Home member, you have exclusive access to 3 classes with the awesome Kathryn Budig, founder of Haus of Phoenix! Kathryn has also graciously gifted you a discount to your future Haus subscription. Strala Yoga x Haus of Phoenix with Kathryn Budig go together like sunshine and rainbows.

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So when you get hooked on Kathryn and Haus of Phoenix, you’ll prob want to subscribe to both Strala and Haus. We want to support you and make it easy. Haus is offering us 50% off the first month of any Haus subscription, to Strala Home members. More on that special offer on our community board. 

Removing Obstacles Meditation

Using the Ganesha Mudra, this meditation honors the Hindu elephant god and destroyer of obstacles. We’ll open with chanting om gam ganapataye namaha, moving into Ganesha mudra (a sacred hand gesture or “seal”), as we observe and release our obstacles. One by one, we’ll watch them wither away. Ideal for boosting confidence and self-esteem.

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Moving Mythology

Gather round to hear the myth of the Phoenix! Kathryn opens class with a retelling of the mythical bird, followed by a fiery vinyasa practice mimicking the lifespan of the Phoenix: from gathering the necessities to make its nest and burning in brilliant flames, to rising from the ashes to be born again. This practice encourages us to take risks, trust our calling, and find that spark within us.

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Making Space for Grief

For anyone wading through sadness and grief. This guided meditation uses bellow’s breath (Bhastrika pranayama) to crack our mind, heart, and belly open – leaving space to notice, feel, and heal.

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AND A Free Online Event!

To top this Off We are Offering a FREE conversation

May 31, 6pm – 7pm EST

Join us for a FREE Online Conversation on how we turned our passions into conscious businesses. You’ll get a good behind the scenes look at how the yoga and wellness world has evolved over the last 20 years and why it’s so important to both of us to support people and causes we care about. We’ll have time for Q&A so come and ask us anything!

The event is FREE but you need to register here

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