June 2023 Strala Home Calendar & Strala Read: The Joy of Wellbeing

Make Feeling Good Your Goal

Make Feeling Good Your Goal. We just finished a super profound training time in Miami with a wonderful group of Guides from all around the world. Every time we get together is incredible, but there was something special this time worth sharing. We went around for our usual talk about work and and every one shared a personal story of overcoming trauma, obstacles, burnout or loss. Everyone felt the pull to help others avoid or move through the difficult situations they had suffered through and create a better place for everyone. We focus on moving well with every moment, instead of just the “poses” and that leads us to the empowering practice of noticing how we feel and actually taking good care, in a loving, sustainable way. It works! Make feeling good your goal and you’ll go to big places inside and all around you.

If you’re not already a member, enjoy your 7 day FREE trial now, and let us know if you need any extra help. You deserve to feel better. We mean it.

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A great place to connect with everyone is right here on our Community Board at StralaHome. Please let us know your requests, suggestions, how it’s going for you and how you are feeling. We love hearing from you. Also feel fee to use this as a place to create your own posts, let us know what you are up to, events you’d like to bring awareness to, and things like that. It’s social media that’s positive!

We’re happy to let you know the app version of StralaHome, Strala Yoga for iphone android, apple tv, roku, and all the fancy places, has some great updates that you have been asking for including the ability to create multiple playlists of your favorite practices, instead of just one favorites list. Yay!

Strala Hangs is Happening Saturday June 24th 11:30am EST

Come and hang and meet members of this community of ease. We’ll chat about yoga, how things are for you, and the Joy of Wellbeing. Everyone is invited! Join here

Strala Reads is a no-pressure book club. We are celebrating reading as part of wellbeing. We are reading The Joy of Wellbeing by Colleen and Jason Wachob, founders of Mind Body Green and long time Strala regulars and supporters, since 2008! Don’t worry about if you can’t read a book a month, just join. There is literally NO PRESSURE and no endpoints, just like our yoga. It’s so fun. We have monthly meet ups where we hang, chat yoga, catch up, geek out about where we all are in the world, from Asia, to Europe, to South America, to North America, Canada, and so many places in between, we are the world!! We want you there

Please join us for practice and sharing at StralaHome.


Upcoming Training & Events


How to Find Ease in the Mess – Conversation and Q&A with Tara Stiles – LIVE Online

Ease brings with it a very different feeling. It says we accomplish most – that everything truly inspiring and magical in this world is accomplished – through harmony and peace. And it’s not just a nice idea. There are very clear practices that make it real in your life – a path we can each choose to move away from no-pain-no-gain in our lives not only because it sounds better. It also works better.

Join us for a whole-you centered meditation, followed by a talk on applying the practice of ease to support your life, especially when things get messy, and a Q&A.

June 4, 2023

Learn More and Register


20+Hour Intensive Yoga Training with Tara and Mike in Berlin, Germany

Sept 23, 2023 – Sept 24, 2023

Berlin has become a wonderful home base for us, thanks to our global community of ease-makers. Joining a 2 day intensive is a comforting mix of new friends looking for more calm, and leaders of all yoga styles and backgrounds, excited for some self care time and a big reset.

We begin each day with an inclusive Energize practice. We spend the day workshopping principles of moving into harmony and balance with our selves, and all that’s here to support us, carrying these ancient foundations of qigong and tai chi into your yoga, and our everything. And we wind the day down with a Gentle practice.

It’s a mini-retreat, a renewing burst to invigorate, replenish, and inspire. You’ll discover a wonderful way to be, just for you, and for leading people together on this same circle of self-enabling care. Everyone is welcome. – TS


Retreat – Dolomites, Italy Peaks + Foreset + Flow

April 28 – May 3, 2024

This is a special collaboration retreat with our longtime friend and OG strala guide, Erin Lewis, founder of Eat Pray Move. Join us in the spectacular Dolomite region of Italy for a week of luxurious self-care, daily yoga, forest bathing meditation, spa time, and learning how to find ease and flow in our lives.

Learn more here


200+Hour Yoga Training with Tara, Mike, and Sam Berlind in Berlin, Germany

November 18, 2024 – December 1, 2024

Berlin is the perfect home to soak in your 200+Hour Strala Yoga Teacher Training, together with a wonderfully supportive, caring, and inspiring group.

You’ll learn to move through your yoga, and all that you love doing, in a way that’s powerful, sustainable, and healing. You’ll discover the ancient foundations of qigong, for mobilizing, harmonizing, unweighting, and replenishing in every breath, and every step. And you’ll learn to use these foundations in your yoga, and all your moments, to transform wherever you are into something better.

If you’re a care-giver, a teacher or health practitioner, in your family or across whatever you’re doing, you understand what it means to give until you’re out of energy. There’s a big secret and gift waiting for you in these practices. It’s at the heart of why Strala Guides and practitioners have found a way to stop burnout, and keep going sustainably, for the people they help and love.

There’s something deep in the foundations of tai chi and qigong, that teaches a way to care for you – in every moment, every action, every breath – and in all those same moments, how you can bring the people you support into this same circle of healing and care. It’s literally called turning lines into circles. The lines of giving and giving until you hit an endpoint, depleted – are transformed in these practices. In their place you find a way of being, moving, and giving that keeps going, that lets us all move each other together into a better place, on a shared circle of caring.

Our program is for anyone interested in feeling better, and gaining the tools to help others work toward enjoying a life of wellbeing. You’ll have yoga with Tara, tai chi with Mike, and shiatsu with Sam Berlind. Yes, you’ll learn how to lead a yoga class, in countless variations. But what we’re practicing alongside these tools is a real-life all-the-time self care practice, that cares for and empowers all that you do. This program changes every time, and changes lives every time. – TS

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