Intensive Training with Rae Broderick

What: Intensive Strala Yoga Teacher Training with Rae Broderick.

Where: Salt and Soul Yoga Studio, Ireland: sligo airport business park, unit 1, airport rd, strandhill, co. sligo

When: March 23 & 24, 2024

Training Cost: $495 early bird. You can click here to register.



certification + cec: stråla provides a stråla 20+hour intensive yoga teacher training certification + formal diploma upon successful completion, your degrees + hours are listed on our site + this course counts for 20 hours of continuing education

this program is backed by mind-body medicine pioneer dr. deepak chopra + chair of neurology at harvard + director of the genetics + aging research unit at massachusetts general hospital, dr. rudolph tanzi. stråla is also a registered yoga school (rys) with yoga alliance professionals + this course counts for 20 hours of continuing education.


the unique set of skills you develop – for connecting with yourself + others, unblocking your energy, healing what needs healing + accomplishing challenge with ease – uncovers your ability to create the life you want + be an inspiring leader to the people around you.

About Rae Broderick

Rae has completed over 500+ hours of training + has been leading + guiding classes, workshops + retreats for ten years. the movement + life practices of stråla yoga inform everything she gives her heart to including but not limited to marathon running, running coaching, strength training, parenting + bookselling. she was the first guide to bring stråla to ireland + this training will be the first ever to take place on the emerald isle.

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for the 2-day intensive training, we get into the experience: how to uplift + enable yourself in your yoga + your life.

people mostly respond to how you are, far more even than what you say. so we begin by getting into your own way of being + moving through yoga, as practice for how you want to be + move in your life.

what you have for yourself is what you have to share with others.

we have two whole days together for a nice immersion in how to move with grace + ease. when you move with coordination, your body + mind can stay relaxed, even in the midst of challenge. from relaxed, our energy flows easily, we’re able to feel + can move creatively + inspiringly wherever we go. this is everything we need, to go everywhere we want.

when we move without harmony, we miss the chance to have every part of us helping every other part – the full expression of who we are + what we can do. so instead we have to use force + tension to get where we’re going. this disconnects us from feeling, blocks our energy + triggers a stress response in our bodies. we become chemically less able to see the world around us + the possibilities within us. we work much harder, to accomplish much less. we might be able to achieve some things by force + tension, but it never feels good + it’s not sustainable.

it’s important to find a better way, so we are able to move easily, gracefully, through everything. drop the stress, leave boundaries behind + accomplish far more while feeling wonderful, every step of the way.


introduction. an overview of being, moving + healing.

approach. how to create our best yoga, tai chi + life practice, through breath, feeling + natural movement.

breath body connection. our movement is guided + fueled by our breath. every inhale lifts + expands. every exhale moves you further. this oceanic experience allows your body to go along for the ride, creating space for lightness + ease in your experience.

feeling. slow down + breath deep enough to feel, believe that what you feel is worth responding to, + respond. your connection to feeling + intuition allows you to move into exactly what you need in each moment.

process: the principles of movement. how to accomplish far more, with far less effort, in everything you do. we begin with our breath, connect to our feeling + move from our center. with easy, natural movements, we can progress far beyond pose goals + dive into the process of getting to know our bodies + minds.

practice: hard things easy workshop. learn to handle challenge in an easygoing way. drop the stress + struggle from your body + mind + use the principles of natural movement to make the impossible possible.

healing: connection, touch + support. how to create a supportive, enabling + healing relationship with yourself + with others.

more Practice: 4 classes, 2 each day. all of the trainings are very practical. we’re not just talking about all of this – we’re going to do it together. so we have plenty of real class time for practice, exploration, + making what you want real in your everyday life.

we are each able to break past the rules + boundaries that make us small. we are each able to drop conformity + find our own way, in our own bodies. we are each able to create a life that uplifts and inspires us.

release the stress that inhibits your body + mind + move with ease through all kinds of challenge.

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