How I Create a Safe and Peaceful Experience for Those I Lead

My background, coming into my first yoga class was dance. Moving my whole self through space with meaning, story telling, often without a literal story, and physical, mental and emotional improvement was my life. Taking that first yoga class at my dance conservatory, opened up everything to me. This practice, felt like everything I experience with dance, but for life, and for everyone. I always wanted to dance with the people, instead of for the people. This was my one sort of existential crisis of my late teens. My path was to become a professional dancer, but after many shows as a kid and some professional shows as a teen, I was very aware that coming to the theater for a dance performance was a privilege for a select few. I wanted everyone to be involved.

After years of exploring yoga, sharing it casually and gradually with more and more of my time, I brought this spirit of yoga is for everyone, into my leading. Do what you can do. One pose isn’t better than another. If you can’t touch your toes, bend your knees. I had lots of little ways to show people that yoga is great when it feels like you. Years went by and I loved every minute of it. Then comes tai chi into my life and a big change happens again. The ways I experienced one complete movement in dance without starts or stops, moving from the inside, even when still, letting breath move you, creating the right relationship, the right position, these were things I was exploring with yoga on my own and in my leading, but I was learning, these are very real practices that live in the exploration of tai chi.

Everything changed again, for the better. The mystery of how to evolve your yoga and leading is over. The mystery can go back into the beauty and expanse of the experience itself.

Mike and I are coming together to share how you can also find this ease, joy and capabilities through bringing the practices of tai chi to your yoga practice and leading. We begin online in January 2024. You can register for the early bird today.

50+Hour Tai Chi for Yoga Teachers

A few of the many take aways in this course:

Feel confident sharing yoga without ever nearing burnout.
Gain a sustainable practice of healing for your yoga and your life.
Understanding alignment as body position through movement instead of poses.
Learn how to move your whole self in harmony.
Create a safe and peaceful environment for your life and those you lead.
Learn inclusive sequencing, movement and language that works for everyone.


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