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I’ve been going to sleep around 8pm, same time as Daisy, which means I’m up at 4 or 5am, ready to go again. Thankfully she is a little snoozer and I wake her up a little before school time. This little bit of time in the morning gives me space to do a little practice, reflect, daydream, and do a little creative work before the day gets going.

I had a coffee with an old friend last week who used to work for a brand I collaborated with several years ago, in my busy busy busy stage of life. I collaborated with this brand for many years longer than we originally started out for, a little thing I like to keep going for partnerships when I find a good fit. He was telling me towards the end of our official partnership the brand folks were chatting about me that I have changed. I went from rebellious to soft and easy, and internally they didn’t think I was still a good fit, but they liked me so we kept doing things together. Hearing how they felt was total news to me. My initial reaction was a little shocked that a change was noticed, a little hurt the change was seen as not a good fit anymore, and also happy and proud of my positive change. How boring would life be if we didn’t allow ourselves to change? Back in my TV commercial days a great gig I had was the PT Cruiser spokesperson. The last line of the commercial I got to say was, Change is Good, Right? After a quick google I found a fuzzy upload of it here, enjoy!

When I started getting a lot of media attention in the early 2010s I was labeled Rebel Yoga by the New York Times, but this was a far cry from me pulling up on a Harley, swigging whisky, getting ready to lead yoga in a carefree way. When you read the article that the real life angel Lizette Alvarez, bureau chief at the Times wrote, she described my disdain for the dogma and abuse that lived in yoga culture. I’ll never forget Lizette strolling into our SOHO studio, announcing herself as a journalist, refusing my attempts to give her gifts, and saying she was writing a little review for a 2 paragraph column she had called Stretch. I was a little hurt that every studio in town was already written up in this section and we had no mention. She came for class, came back the next day, and the next and the next. I asked her if she had enough for the column and she told me she was writing something bigger on me which made me incredibly nervous. What she wrote turned out to be the biggest gift of my career. She covered the criticism I received about putting yoga online, (this was controversial back then if you can believe it), calling myself a Guide instead of a Teacher, leading instead of teaching, speaking in simple descriptions, instead of sanskrit, and the list goes on of course. Some people were pretty annoyed I was working to change yoga. Thankfully so many more people were happy I was changing yoga.

Doing anything is so hard so you might as well pick something worth doing.

She complimented me on wearing sweatpants and cozy clothes, encouraging an environment of ease, a space to be yourself. She was generous to reach out to icons I was lucky to be working with and they also said the nicest things about my efforts and work.

She called up a few super stars I was working with on various projects and asked them what they thought of me. This is where these quotes come from. Deepak called me the night before the story published as the cover of the metro section. He knew what was coming for me and was there to help guide me.

I’ve been doing yoga for 30 years. I’ve had teachers of all kinds. Taking lessons with Tara has been more useful than taking lessons from anyone else.  – Deepak Chopra

One of the things I like about Tara is her ability to make yoga accessible to people who might be scared of it or find it too esoteric. – Jane Fonda

One of the ways I changed over the last 10 years was learning and improving my ability to connect. Sam Berlind, our shiatsu teacher walked into our studio one day and told me watching me lead class was like watching a pod of dolphins. Everyone was heading in the same direction, in their own way, in their own time. This was so cool to hear from a teacher of 30+ years. Here was someone who helps people connect and heal who was telling me I was doing a good job at just that. I dove into learning more about creating a good connection through healing touch with shiatsu. Thankfully loads of our community was excited to go on this journey with me. I’m still a beginner with shiatsu and that’s the joy of it. Making a good connection with someone starts with making a good connection with yourself. I use what I learn from shiatsu in my yoga classes, with friends and family, on myself, and in any situation when I’m with people. There is so much to learn about creating a good connection with body position and awareness practices, you can literally practice in the pick up line, at the grocery store, everywhere.

If you also feel drawn to improve your ability to connect with yourself and others, now is a good time to dive into shiatsu. Thankfully, we have this 100+Hour Online Advanced, Connect and Heal with Shiatsu training with Sam Berlind to work through. I had the very awesome job of being the demonstrator for this course, which means I got to receive loads of shiatsu from Sam. I go through this course every year and refer to it often to improve my leading and all of my connections. Join me in going through the course with the last part of this year. I’m starting it again this week. We can chat about it during our monthly Strala Hangs.

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