8 Minute Meditation for the Morning

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Tara Stiles podcast. Every episode opens with a meditation and glides into the topic or conversation with an inspiring guest. Make sure you add some more ease and goodness to your day and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also watch the video on the Strala Yoga app.


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What People are Saying

Amazing Experiences and Insightful Ideas

It is so wonderful that Tara can share all her amazing experiences and insightful ideas with us, thank you! Learning so much about yoga and myself.


Thank you for *finally* creating a podcast Tara! Love hearing your voice! I’m looking forward to listening to each of your episodes so they can bring more ease into my life. I’ve been recommending your yoga workouts since your Strala days in NYC, and you bet I’ll be recommending this podcast too! 😉

Life Support a la Tara

The energy in Tara’s voice alone is reason enough to listen to this podcast. You’ll come for the wisdom and stay because, as with all things Strala, you just feel better when you’re here. Thank you, Tara, for creating yet another space where we can all explore a better way together.


Source link: https://stralayoga.com/blog/morning-meditation/ by Tara Stiles at stralayoga.com