Upcoming webinar: Understanding failure to prevent fraud – the new UK compliance requirement

Wednesday 24 January at 12pm UK

Under UK law, a corporation can face criminal prosecution if it fails to prevent certain actions from being undertaken by its employees, associates or even contractors. Failure to prevent encompasses a wide array of compliance failures, from not having the right policies to a lack of procedures to even ineffective training courses that don’t deliver the right information to employees.

A new failure to prevent fraud offences has been passed into law. It is a criminal offence for organisations not to have reasonable procedures in place that could have prevented that fraud.

In this webinar, VinciWorks will explain what this new corporate criminal offence means, what kind of fraud is covered, and how to comply with the ‘failure to prevent’ provisions. Fortunately, failure to prevent is not a new concept in UK law. VinciWorks was at the forefront of helping companies comply with failure to prevent tax evasion and failure to prevent bribery.

Join us on Wednesday 24 January, at 12 pm UK time for a free-to-attend, one-hour webinar on preparing your organisation for failure to prevent fraud.

This webinar will cover:

  • What failure to prevent means in law
  • Case studies of failure to prevent prosecutions
  • What fraud means in this context and the prerequisite offences
  • The reasonable procedures an organisation must have to comply
  • How to conduct a failure to prevent fraud risk assessment
  • Practical steps to put those procedures in place

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