Upcoming webinar: Health and Safety in the Inflation Age

Wednesday 23rd August, 12:00 pm (BST)

With people suffering from sky-high inflation, a mortgage and rental crisis, strikes across the economy and a cost of living crisis that affects everyone’s pocket, does health and safety get forgotten about? HSE figures show people are still being killed and injured at work, but even the HSE is suffering from a 43% drop in funding and slashing staff almost in half.

For health and safety professionals, the challenge in today’s workplace is ensuring health and safety remains a top priority in a world of overlapping crises when many people are struggling to make ends meet. Health and safety has never been more important when an accident at work could leave people in an even worse position.

In this webinar, VinciWorks will look at health and safety in the context of today’s economic challenges. We’ll look at compliance lessons from other challenging times and understand the lessons we can learn in how to ensure health and safety remains front of mind for workers.

We will look at:

  • The impact of inflation and cost of living crisis on health and safety infrastructure
  • Recent cases and statistics of H&S challenges for businesses
  • Best practice in health and safety training and compliance
  • The risks to organisations in letting health and safety compliance slip
  • Lessons from compliance priorities in challenging times

Secure your spot and learn to deal with H&S challenges in today’s economic climate.

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