Upcoming webinar: Gifts and Hospitality Registers: The Overlooked Compliance Challenge

Wednesday 20th September, 12:00pm (BST)

The appearance of impropriety is one of the hardest compliance challenges to combat. Regarding gifts and hospitality, even modest tokens could cause problems if given at the incorrect time or to the wrong person. Gifts given to public officials could even cause significant regulatory breaches as laws differ worldwide.

As the United States Supreme Court has demonstrated, with some justices receiving all manner of bribes in exchange for favourable rulings, the appearance of impropriety can cause severe reputational damage, even if no rules were technically broken.

With new EU rules on public sector gifts and hospitality on their way and updates to bribery laws in Canada and the US, now is a vital time to refresh your bribery policies and think about having an automated solution to track who’s giving and getting what at your organisation.

This webinar will feature:

  • Gifts and hospitality cases from around the world, including the storm over gifts to US justices
  • New EU regulations on gifts and hospitality for public officials
  • Key corporate bribery cases linked to improper gifts and hospitality
  • Why G&H registers should track gifts given, as well as received
  • Best practice in designing your G&H register

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