New course release: Working effectively with the equality act

Since it came into law in 2010, the Equality Act has provided organisations with a legal framework to operate within. Complying with the Act is essential to ensure that staff do not experience illegal and unethical treatment at work. The Equality Act is a complex piece of legislation that requires careful consideration when embedding its provisions into policy.

Our new video-based course simplifies the Equality Act’s key components so organisations can operate confidently within its legal parameters. It explores discrimination, harassment and victimisation as defined by the law. It considers them in the context of recruitment, development and drama scenarios, with subject matter expert feedback on how the provisions of the Act are being breached.

The course covers:

  • the provisions of the Equality Act 2010
  • what constitutes protected characteristics under the Act
  • The public sector duty
  • the seven types of discrimination covered by the Act
  • the definitions of discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • the Act in the context of recruitment and development
  • how to incorporate the Act into an organisation’’s policy
  • the Equality Act in the context of different work scenarios

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