DAC7: A new era in digital platform compliance

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From Uber to Etsy, Bolt to Walt, DAC7 requires platform operators in the EU to collect information from their reportable sellers. Whether renting out a house on Airbnb, to selling used clothes on eBay, DAC7 means this information has to be captured, understood and reported on.

Importantly, DAC7’s scope extends beyond EU-based platform operators. It also encompasses platform operators that are not tax residents within the EU, are not incorporated or managed in the EU, and lack a permanent establishment in the EU. These non-EU-based platform operators, referred to as “foreign platform operators” under DAC7, engage in commercial activities across one or more EU member states through cross-border electronic commerce. For example, a U.S. company offering a ride-sharing app in France, without having a permanent establishment or being registered in France, would fall under this category.

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