Surviving Spring Allergies with Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables

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Spring is finally around the corner! I can’t be the only one who thinks that this has been such a long winter. So, after basically being cooped up in the house for months, we’ve kicked off this milder weather by getting some fresh air outdoors and exploring our city. The best thing about St. Louis is how many Free activities for families there are and one of our favorites are the St. Louis Zoo! Although… we’re not quite a fan of the spring allergies that come along with the season here in Missouri.  Thankfully, this year we’re surviving spring allergies with Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables! Keep reading to find out more about this amazing new product and our secret weapon this season.

Surviving Spring Allergies with Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables

For as long as I’ve known him, my poor husband has suffered from spring allergies. This is the one and only season of the year that he’s completely out of commission after going outside for even a little while. So, I am sure you can imagine that my idea of visiting the zoo full of plants and animals stunned him a bit. Not only battling the outdoor elements but the dust and debris from the animal enclosures could quickly become a bad day! Luckily, this year we learned about a new product called Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables.

What are Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables? 

Surviving Spring Allergies with Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables

This amazing new product offers the same trusted relief of other Claritin® items, and is the only allergy product on the market that includes an immediate blast of cooling flavor sensation. Claritin® has developed this cool NEW product with 10mg of Claritin® that delivers the same Claritin® relief with non-drowsy benefits for adults with no water needed. The brand’s dedication to allowing people to embrace the simple joys of life and time spent outdoors has made a world of difference for our family.


Surviving Spring Allergies with Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables

When my husband’s allergy symptoms first started, I handed over the Claritin® Cool Mint Chewable non-drowsy allergy relief plus cooling flavor sensation. The cooling flavor sensation starts immediately and stays in the mouth and throat for up to 15 mins after swallowing.


Living Life Outdoors with Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables

Anyone with allergies knows just how difficult it is to live your best outdoor life while having an allergic reaction. My husband says that the blast of cooling flavor sensation from Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables is just what he needed. The classic Claritin® non-drowsy allergy relief that we know and love gives him relief from sneezing and itchy runny eyes for up to 24 hours. To him, the Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables are like the cool breeze he didn’t know he needed.  In contrast to the warmer spring days, the cooling blast of flavor from Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables plus non-drowsy allergy relief was much like the icy enclosures for the penguins and polar bears. After visiting the cooler exhibits and taking a Claritin® Cool Mint Chewable he left feeling breezy, cool and refreshed and ready to finish exploring the St. Louis Zoo.

From now through the end of the season, this new product will be a part of our outdoor adventure packing list. If you or a family member suffers from allergies but wants to reclaim your springtime life in an active way, I highly recommend picking up Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables from the allergy aisle. It’s the perfect convenient solution to your springtime allergies and helping our family to seize every moment of springtime fun.




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