Salvage Your Photo Memories Forever with Confetti Photo Book Maker

I am embarrassed to admit, I have nearly 10,000 photos on my phone. Between our frequent travels and the birth of social media, like many of you, I’ve become accustomed to keeping all my photographic memories on my phone. Unfortunately, one of my superficial fears is losing my phone and essentially losing proof of my son’s first three years of life.  So, when Confetti reached out to work with us, I was thrilled. It was just the kick I needed to get the memories off my phone and into a physically tangible copy with their online photo book maker!

This post is sponsored by Confetti. However, all opinions are my own!

One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to look through my grandmother’s memory books. Trust me, SHE KEPT EVERYTHING! In a way, modern technology is stealing that intimate part of memory keeping away from us. Imagine being a grandmother and passing your grandkids a phone to look through the cloud of photos. Not so intimate, right? That’s why I absolutely love the concept of Confetti photo books and slide shows!

What is Confetti Photo Book Maker?

Salvage Your Photo Memories Forever with Confetti Photo Book Maker

Salvage Your Photo Memories Forever with Confetti Photo Book Maker

Confetti is an online memory maker that was developed out of the need to bring back the human interaction and feeling you get when you come across an old memory. This online platform allows you to upload all your favorite digital images to create a memory book and/or create a slide show. They’ve essentially taken the photo album element and made it more feasible for the modern family. Instead of heading to your local print shop and spending hundreds of dollars printing your precious photos, confetti allows you to print high quality photos into a polished book form for a fraction of the price.

Giving the Gift of Confetti 

Salvage Your Photo Memories Forever with Confetti Photo Book Maker 

Memory keeping is super important to me. I love that my son can look back on our travel photos as he gets older and get that same feeling I get when I visit my family members. He’s young. He may or may not remember these amazing times but photos can last forever.

However, I love giving the gift of these photos even more. We are a military family. That essentially means, our family has to watch our son grow up virtually. We have a ton of older family members and grandparents and unfortunately, they miss a lot of our travels and memories by not being on social media.

For Grandparent’s day this year, we figured that there was no better gift than gifting Confetti to our Grandparents as a way for them to keep up with our travels and send them a little love from afar.

What Makes Confetti Different from other Memory Makers?


Not only is Confetti easy and affordable to make but it’s website features bring it a step above the rest. The Confetti website allows contributors to work together to create the final book. That means, if you’re purchasing the book as a joint gift to a family member, making the perfect slide show for a family reunion, or any other project you can think of; the responsibility of finishing the book isn’t all on you.

Add contributors to your project and each contributor can upload and arrange their photos with ease. When you’re done, you can choose to purchase multiple book copies or share your heartwarming book slide show style with family members for free.

So, if you’re like me and hoarding memories in all the wrong ways. Head over to today and get started on creating your photo memory book. Use the code [sharehappiness] to get 15% off your book order. This just keeps getting better!









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