Protect Your Property This Holiday Season with Ring

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already knee deep into the Holiday Season! If you’re anything like our family, then you’re in a mad dash to get everything done. We’re planning last minute vacation travel and packages are arriving from Amazon left and right just in time for the holidays. However, the one thing that I always make time for is planning to secure our home and property while we’re away.

Did you know that the holiday season makes your home and property more likely to become a victim of burglary and theft? It’s true! It’s more important now than ever to protect your property and keep your family safe. So, if you’re leaving for the holidays or looking to beef up your family’s safety; I am sharing three EASY ways to keep your family and property safe for the holiday season with Ring.

Invest in A Ring Home Security System

Regardless of being a home owner or renter, one of the best investments that you can make for your home and property is a good security system. I learned the hard way this summer after having our home vandalized and an attempted break in how valuable it is to have an alarm system that you can trust. After that incident, we switched over to Ring. So far, we are very pleased with our new alarm and affordable home security system. You truly can’t put a price on the feeling of safety and security and there is no better time than now to invest in a system that works best for your family and home needs.

Ring offers multiple security sets and devices. Majority of people are most familiar with their highly- rated video door bells. They also have indoor/outdoor
cameras and an alarm system. And the best part? Everything is DIY setup.Nothing feels safer and more secure than being able to see who’s at the door whether it’s a package delivery or surprise visitor. I love that I can watch in real time from the app while being away from home.


Because our home has a ton of windows, we chose the 10- piece security system that comes with key pads, contact sensors for our windows and doors, and motion detector. We also added the Stick Up Cam for an extra touch of comfort. Again, there is no better feeling than knowing that I can log into my app and watch real time or past time footage of my property.

Does Ring offer A Military Discount? 

Yes! If you’re a military family like us and you’re concerned about your family’s safety while your service member is away, I highly recommend investing in a security system for the peace of mind. Murphy’s law has a sneaky little way of invading our lives the moment that our service members leave home but with a good security system, you can at least rest easy knowing that your system is working to keep your family safe. Military, veterans and first responders are currently being offered 20% off Ring devices with a valid ID or proof of service HERE.

Alert a TRUSTED Friend or Neighbor That You’ll Be Away for the Holidays

One of the biggest factors in a home being a target during the holidays is the look of vacancy. Burglars survey neighborhoods for unattended packages, full mail boxes, and things that haven’t been moved in a while such as trash cans and even the lights in your home. To avoid being a victim, you never want your home to easily say that you are not present. This is why, we always alert a trusted friend and neighbor that we will be away.

Neighbors can stop by and check in on your property if you want an extra layer of comfort + they will know to listen out for noises and strange sightings. Friends may be willing to pick up your mail and packages and hold them for you until you return home. If you are planning to leave for an extended amount of time, even consider hiring a house sitter or offering your home up to a friend’s out of town guest so that the home isn’t vacant.

Best Places to Hide Keys

Additionally, if you are planning to have someone with access to your home; avoid hiding your spare key in a common area. Fake rocks and under the mat just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Hand deliver the key to your trusted source or consider purchasing a lock box for added safety. For a list of the best places to hide keys, click HERE.

Avoid Over Sharing on Social Media

In today’s time of social media, it’s more and more common to share your location or that you’ll be away on a fabulous vacation over the holidays. Unfortunately, you never know who you can trust and who’s watching your information to plan their invasion of your property. To keep your family safe, avoid giving key information away on social media.

Never check into your location on social media while you are actually there. I typically share a photo and check in well after I’ve gotten home for the evening. Also, share your vacation photos but avoid giving away the days and times that you’ll be away from home. For example, never post “ I’ll be visiting my family from the 20th-26th. This tells someone exactly when you’ll be away from home and the perfect time to target your property. In other words, share but be very vague and discrete. Simply mention that you’re enjoying your vacation. Leaving the details out could mean keeping your family and property safe and secure.

So, these are my three EASY ways to keep your family and property safe for the holiday season. What measures do you take as a precaution during the holidays? I would love to hear about some of your methods! Also, be sure to visit to find out which security system and/or product is a good fit for your home!

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